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Steve Godlewski

Hire SEO Manager Digital Marketing Specialist

Meticulous, dynamic and an experienced digital web services specialist, I hold over 16 years of professional experience to my credit. Comprehensive understanding of design, implementation and optimization of SEO, SEM, Analytics and Digital Marketing Strategies. Have successfully handled online marketing programs that provide valuable solutions to maximize program profits, rankings, and increases digital traffic while driving business growth.   Strategic, highly technical and hands-on , I hold a record of creative and forward-thinking marketing skills that drive online traffic & sales while using data for continuous improvement. Outgoing problem solver who builds strong internal and external relationships through exemplary leadership, communication and project management skills that drive new strategies forward while maximizing ROI and increasing user experience satisfaction. Strong ability to engage & collaborate, teach new systems, analyze data, manage large-scale technical issues, optimize site architecture, identify new market opportunities, improve organic rankings, manage vendors, manage resources and coordinate timelines.

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Years of experience

Started my Digital Marketing Career when Netscape was the #1 Browser & Google Analytics was called Urchin

Facts about me

Yes I have a regular resume. I built out this site a few years back to test a SEO and Digital Marketing theory. This is a revamp with a new theory since the last one was in the top 10 for 4 years. If you really need to know it's in one of the facts. Thanks for hanging out for a couple minutes.


Dynamic thinker that  has over 16 years of experience in Digital Marketing, Analytics SEO, Web Design & Programming .

Digital Marketing


Specifically looking at profiles related to Digital Marketing, Marketing and Strategy, or Analytics


To leverage my technical expertise and continue a career in the domain of Digital Marketing


Looking to hone my skills further by undertaking challenging problems and projects which enable me to push my boundaries

Lost 1 Whole Person

A couple years back I dropped over 150 lbs and have been able to keep it off.  Nothing really to be proud of since I did it to myself.  All it really proves is I am smart enough to know I am idiot and I finish what I start.


Working Yourself to Death

After Spending 6 Years in the Marines I started sitting behind a computer more and more. I eventually made it up to 350 lbs. Not exactly lazy. I just preferred working all the time instead of a workout.

Digital Marketing Specialist

After everything in my body hurt I just couldn't live like that. Started walking 5 miles a day every day. Lost all the weight. I look old now but I have my energy and drive back. I feel like a kid and act like one when I can.

just getting started

I have been around a while and have had a bunch of jobs.  I started working at a Hobby Shop in Chicago in 6th grade. I was getting paid under the table and thankfully have been paying my own way (and others) since then.   I have done a little of everything. US Marines, bouncer, bar manager, tech support, cloth diaper delivery (crappy job), corner convenience store clerk, University IT Director, computer programmer, and even a Cast member at Walt Disney World.   That’s not all and not in that order but you get the idea. I only listed the last 2 since I finally found my passion and something I really LOVE.  Not sure if I believe in the 10,000 hours of “deliberate practice” are needed to become world-class in any field theory, but I have spent much more than that doing this.  Some days I still feel like an idiot but at least I am a happy one.

Sr Digital Marketing Specialist

B2B  Campaign strategy, design, implementation and management of YouTube adverting campaign which generated over 4.2 million views to a 3 video series exposing (2.5 million, 1.2 million, 555,000)   Designed and implemented a highly successful analytics tracking strategy on e commerce website that drives close to 1 billion in sales annually   Increased search phrases visitors used to find site by 272%.   Caterpillar Award Recipient for improvements to public facing sites Search Engine Optimization.   Increased Digital Marketing ROAS by 342% (still climbing)

Owner / CEO

Created and led all operations for exceptionally profitable E-Commerce company that grew annual net sales from zero to $360,000 in just 4 years   Built an E-Commerce website from scratch that consistently ranked #1 in Google for highly competitive keywords. This resulted in over 4 million unique user visits in less than 5 years   Recruited, mentored, and motivated over 50 distributors to set and manage business goals and personal growth criteria   Consistently ranked #1 in sales and outsold thousands of distributors in five countries.  Worldwide — top volume producer in sales for 72 consecutive months

Teach me somethin'


Certified Ethical Hacker, CCNA, CCNA Security, CompTIA A+, CompTIA Network+, CompTIA Security+, CompTIA Project+, CIW Professional, CIW Web Design Specialist, CIW JavaScript Specialist, CIW v5 Database Design Specialist, Six Sigma, Microsoft Certified System Engineer NT 4.0 Specialist (retired) Microsoft Certified Windows 7 Desktop, TCP/IP, Networking Essentials, Windows NT 4.0 Server, Windows NT 4.0 Workstation, Windows NT 4.0 Server in the Enterprise, Internet Information Server 4.0


BACHELOR OF SCIENCE IN INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY,  (Computer Security) Western Governors University

This is a test

This is only a test. If this was an actual emergency….. Well you hung this long and made it here.  The theory is around schema markup on a page.  I did this a few years back with my resume trying to test out if schema helped with Hire SEO Manager rankings.  I picked a phrase that I knew had some competition from the SEO community.  Turns out this site stayed on the first page for 4 years.  I had not touched it or did any link building after the initial launch except for changing a job title after a couple promotions.  Not too bad.   I hand coded everything on the page last time. This time around I am using a json library that sends the schema info from a file.  I don’t think it will work as well but we are about to find out.  The term I have been working with is Hire SEO Manager.  Real world scenario with content change, code update, and all the normal things that happen. I made sure I still have the basic signals for the bot along with a little snippet markup thrown in.   As far as the resume and the facts go its all true. The guy in the blurry pic for the background is not me and just some stock photo from the template. If you made it to here and have the urge to geek out over Digital Marketing or Hire SEO Manager drop me a note.  If you have a job offer I am never opposed to making more money as long as it’s a fit and I feel good about the people, place and product.   If your my boss at Cat, someone in HR, or even upper management I would really like a promotion and a raise.  If you just gave me one I am sure I deserve more for some reason.  Please ignore the comment about loving my job so much I would do it for free.  The mortgage company does not have a sense of humor.   I am also trying to reverse engineer one of the ranking algorithms at LinkedIn. If I just passed you up on profile ranking at Cat sorry about that. Last time I looked I was 42 out of 36,000 and will most likely hit the first page.  It’s not the purpose of the test just a cool side affect.

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Impressed With Talents And Skills ? Feel Free to Contact Me For Any More Information or to just geek out over Digital marketing and SEO. Hire SEO Manager has over 16 years of experience in Digital Marketing, SEO and Analytics. I used to work for a giant Rat in Florida. How bad could your offer be?

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